What is an URBNSURF surf park?

URBNSURF is a surf sports, recreation and leisure facility that is built around a revolutionary, man-made surfing lagoon featuring Wavegarden wave generating technology.  The lagoon delivers high quality, authentic surfing waves and creates ideal conditions for surfing and other surf sports. We are creating new surfing destinations by bringing the beach to your backyard.

How big is the lagoon?

There is no standard size for a lagoon, as it can vary to accommodate the requirements of different sites. However, the URBNSURF lagoons being pursued in Australia typically measure approximately 150 metres in length by 150 metres in width.

What is the layout of the lagoon?

The lagoon is divided into several different surfing zones. These are “the Peak” zones in the central part of the lagoon (which are designed for intermediate and advanced surfers) and “the Bays”, which are located at either side of the lagoon, and are perfectly suited to beginner and novice surfers.

What surfing experience is needed?

At URBNSURF we can accommodate non-surfers, beginners and improver surfers, all the way through to expert surfers simultaneously. A performance pathway exists for guests to progress through the zones of the lagoon commencing in the Bays, improving their skills as they go until they are ready to take on the Peak zones.


What types of waves can be generated?

The URBNSURF lagoon is capable of generating all types of waves, from gentle, spilling beginner waves, through to high-performance plunging waves. The size and speed of waves in the lagoon can be regulated at will, making it suitable for all skill levels, from beginner to expert.

How are the waves made?

The waves are generated in a similar manner to the ocean, with water moving over a shallow profile that causes a wave to form and then fold on itself – just like a swell forms a breaking wave when it moves over a reef or sand bar. In the case of the URBNSURF lagoon, a wave generator situated along the central axis of the lagoon displaces over 20 tonnes of water in the lagoon with every pass creating perfectly formed surfing waves.

Are the waves always the same size and type?

Waves in the Peak zone can be mechanically identical in size and shape (which creates an ideal training environment), through to randomised waves that change in height and speed, and also section. These variations can be created in real time during the course of a ride. Additionally, removable features can be added to the floor of the lagoon which create close out sections to enable aerial manoeuvres and floaters to be performed.

Is the wave powerful, does it have ‘push’?

Energy is constantly imparted into the wave by the wave foil as it completes a pass, ensuring that the wave has consistent power and shape throughout the course of a ride. This differs to existing wave pool technologies where energy is immediately lost from the wave as soon as it is generated, meaning that it reduces quickly in size, shape and power the further it travels.


What are the wave heights and ride lengths in an URBNSURF lagoon?

Zone Wave Type Max Wave Height Avg Ride Length Avg Ride Duration
The Peak Advanced 1.7 m 150 m 17 secs
The Bays Beginner 0.6 m 57 m 12 secs

How many waves are generated per hour?

The patented Wavegarden wave generating technology provides two breaking waves in the Peak zones with a very high degree of frequency. The waves generated in these two zones then transform into smooth, rolling white water waves and move through the Bays situated at either side of the lagoon, allowing a large number of waves per hour to be ridden safely by multiple beginner surfers at the same time.

Is it easier to learn to surf at URBNSURF?

In short, Yes.  Surf schools visiting the other Wavegarden based surf parks have proven that beginners experience a vastly accelerated rate of learning to that observed in the ocean. The predictability of the waves generated in the Bays and the removal of other variables allows beginners to focus on technique whilst enjoying closer supervision from surf coaching staff.

What about progression for experienced surfers?

Progression in surfing is dependent upon how regularly you surf, and the number of waves you ride. But unlike other sports, surfing is reliant on the right conditions being present during daylight hours, and at a time when you are free to participate. URBNSURF removes this inconvenience allowing surfers to surf as regularly as they choose, at whatever time best suits them. URBNSURF is also the ideal laboratory for elite surfers, sports scientists, shapers and surf companies to experiment with new gear, surfing techniques, training and new technologies under controlled conditions.

Will other activities will be available at URBNSURF?

URBNSURF facilities will be places to enjoy not only surfing, but a number of other complementary activities and options that will go to creating an enjoyable destination for surfers and non-surfers alike.  Additional non-surfing activities that may be offered include splash pads for young children, beach styled family pools, zip lines, aerial ropes course, rock climbing and bouldering, yoga classes, and Surf Set fitness training.

What will it cost to surf at URBNSURF?

There will be different pricing offered depending upon which zone of the lagoon a guest is surfing within, whether it is a peak or off-peak time period, and whether the guest is an adult or student/concession holder.  Final pricing for surf sessions has not yet been set and will be dependent upon location.


Is surfing in at URBNSURF safe?

Surfing under normal conditions is typically a very safe activity. URBNSURF has been designed with safety as a fundamental priority. In an URBNSURF lagoon, most of the hazards of ocean surfing are either avoided, managed or minimised to greatly improve surfer safety. The use of specially trained surf lifeguards further enhances guest safety.

I’ve never surfed before – is it safe for me?

Absolutely, an URBNSURF lagoon is a safe surfing environment perfect for people of all ages, most fitness and skill levels, and is ideal for introducing the sport of surfing to those who do not have access to waves. It is also a fantastic environment for non-abled bodied guests to surf. With URBNSURF, surfing is now for everyone.

How do you ensure a surfers' safety from the wave generating device?

The wave generator is housed underneath the Pier which physically separates the surfer from the wave generator. The pier is shrouded in a mesh barrier that people cannot penetrate, yet it allows water to pass through without impedance, and has no effect on the size, quality or movement of the wave.

Is it dangerous if a surfer falls off their board?

It is no more dangerous in an URBNSURF lagoon than if a surfer were to fall off their board in the ocean. Although arguably it is safer, as there will be no submerged, non-visible hazards below the water surface and no other surfers/surfboards in the line-up in the Peak zone or the Banks with which contact could be made.


Will URBNSURF facilities be designed sustainably?

Yes, the intention is for the facilities to incorporate a combination of LEED engineering, sustainable design, water catchment systems and photovoltaic systems to help minimize any environmental impact of an URBNSURF surf park. An example is the decision to use a recycled polyethylene plastic liner rather than a concrete shell to form the lagoon.

How much water is used in the lagoon each year?

The net evaporation rate for the lagoon will differ from region to region, however the water requirement for a lagoon is likely to be equivalent to that used to maintain a turf sports oval of a similar size.

How much noise is generated by the wave generator?

There is no noise audible noise associated with the operation of the wave generator. There is only the sound of the peeling waves, meaning minimal overall auditory impact from the facility.

Will URBNSURF look like a natural environment?

Yes, it is intended to create a highly desirable destination for surfers and non-surfers that provides the feeling of being at one with nature. The visual amenity of the site will be enhanced to a significant degree through the use of high quality landscaping and tree planting. The lagoon will be built into the site and will have banks formed around its perimeter, such that it sits within the landscape. When standing at the edge of the lagoon, it is intended that there be nothing above eye level to impede the view of a guest.


How much energy is needed to generate waves?

The Wavegarden wave generator is the most energy efficient wave generator in the world. It requires significantly less energy than any other form of wave generator in operation today whilst creating better quality and longer surfing rides. This is wholly due to the superior design of the lagoon and the efficiency of the wave foil. An URBNSURF surf park requires an equivalent amount of energy to generate waves as would typically be used by an indoor aquatic centre.

Can renewable energy be used to power the wave generator?

Yes, the intention is to source part of the energy requirements of the facility from renewable sources and to look to generate renewable energy on site through the use of photovoltaic and wind power generation systems.

Can energy be captured from the waves produced in the lagoon?

This is theoretically possible, however the amount of energy that could be captured is relatively small compared to the costs associated with its capture, storage and transmission.


In what context can an URBNSURF surf park be developed?

URBNSURF is ideal as a stand-alone, community based sport and recreation facility, or as a central feature in large scale mixed-use developments. It creates a completely new and singular destination built around surfing, many other wave sports and a beach based lifestyle.

How long does it take to build an URBNSURF facility?

From the commencement of first works on site, it is expected that the construction of an URBNSURF surf park will take around 12 months.

What are the land requirements?

A suitable site will be relatively level and at least 200 metres in length by a minimum of 200 metres in width. Transport linkages and nearby access to power, water and drainage services will also be important factors to consider in site selection. Land may either purchased as freehold or leased.

How much does it cost to build an URBNSURF facility?

The costs associated with the development of an URBNSURF surf park will vary depending upon the location of the site and the scale of the development.