USA Today – Built to Thrill

27 Aug 2013 Posted by Admin in Media

Best wave pool — Wavegarden, Basque, Spain Wavegarden uses a revolutionary wing-like sled, which, when towed beneath the water, creates glassy curls, tubes and rolls that build in height and muscle as they accumulate. Unlike other artificial waves, it generates real moving waves instead of standing waves, making it the closest and…

Jeremy Flores Trains in Wavegarden

22 Aug 2013 Posted by Admin in Media

After suffering an injury at the Oakley Pro in Bali in late June which put him out of the water for a month, current world No.14 ranked surfer, Jeremy Flores decided to head to the Wavegarden for some recovery training. “The Wavegarden feels amazing.” Flores told said, “It feels like it looks –…

Rip Curl girls light up the Wavegarden

15 Jul 2013 Posted by Admin in Media

During one of the multiple lay days at the 2013 Roxy pro, Biarritz, Rip Curl team surfers, Tyler Wright, Pauline Ado and Kim Veteau drove into the Basque Country for a session at the Wavegarden where Tyler kinda’ takes it apart.  

Hurley Girls at Wavegarden

14 Jul 2013 Posted by Admin in Media

With flat surf in France canceling the 2013 Roxy Pro, former women’s world champion, Carissa Moore and Hurley team rider, Lakey Peterson, were left with some free time to venture over to the Wave Garden in Spain for some man-made fun.  

Roxy Team Visit the Wavegarden

13 Jul 2013 Posted by Admin in Media

With a lay day called for the Roxy Pro 2013, the Roxy team were invited to surf in the Wavegarden in northern Spain. New Roxy team member and 5x world champion, Stephanie Gilmore, along with current world No. 1, Sally Fitzgibbons, past legend, Lisa Anderson, Kelia Moniz and Rosy Hodge had a…

Surfer Today – Wavegarden Pumps 1.2m Barrels of 20 Seconds

11 Jun 2013 Posted by Admin in Media

Wavegarden has officially announced that the new full-scale artificial wave pool is now operational in the Basque Country. The surf lagoon installation by Wavegarden generates perfectly formed tubing waves that peel for more than 220 meters (720 feet), without losing power or shape. The new wave is approximately 1.20 meters (4.25 feet) in face-height…

Stab Magazine – Wavegarden 2.0 (In Full)

11 Jun 2013 Posted by Admin in Media

Welcome back to Wavegarden 2.0, Stab‘s favourite artificial surfing installation. The newest lagoon site is still in the Basque County, but now runs a mirrored left and right that barrels, and runs for 220m. That’s the longest man-made wave in the world. The whole game here is to remove unpredictably from surfing and open…

Swellnet – Wavegarden Stake Their Claim

10 Jun 2013 Posted by Admin in Media

It’s been nigh on thirty years since the World Inland Championships, the first and only ASP wavepool competition, was held in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The waves for the event were a dismal two feet at three seconds, best compared to a relentless barrage of boat wakes in a choppy chlorinated pool. Although they…

The Inertia – Artificial Waves are Now a Reality

10 Jun 2013 Posted by Admin in Media

Today, a team of engineers from a small city in Northern Spain’s Basque Country unveiled a secret that they’ve been shrouding for the last couple months. You may recallback in 2011 the surfing community collectively raised an eyebrow at a mysterious web clip of a perfect yet miniature left-hander peeling across a mist-topped lake…

Wavegarden 2.0 – The Future of Surfing is Here

08 Jun 2013 Posted by Admin in Media

We are delighted to release a video showing our new demonstration facility in operation. Located at Wavegarden’s research and development site in Northern Spain, the new surfing lagoon generates perfectly formed tubing waves that peel for more than 220 m without losing power or shape. It is the longest artificial surfing wave…