December 2013


December 2013

Surf Video of the Year – 2013

30 Dec 2013 Posted by Admin in Media

There has been some great clips published this year – deep barrels from Go Pro, epic road trips, tropical bliss, footage of the Wavegarden in action, and of course the controversy that raged over Steph Gilmore’s somewhat provocative video promoting the Roxy Pro in Biarritz (which ironically, despite all the hoo-hah in…

Update on the Wavegarden in Wales

13 Dec 2013 Posted by Admin in Media

Forget Hawaii – the future of surfing could be eight miles inland and close to Wales’s tallest mountain. A £7.7m “Wavegarden” in Snowdonia is set to open on the site of an old aluminium works. Artificial surfing lakes have been built around the world, but they either push out a shortlived wave…

Rasta in the Wavegarden

03 Dec 2013 Posted by Admin in Media

Chris del Moro and Dave Rastovich popped into the Wavegarden a few weeks back to score some clean, fun waves on their 4’0″ and 5’6″ Bing boards while also discussing their new film about the Italian surf scene, ‘Bella Vita’. Check out the video above.

Surfing Australia in the Wavegarden

19 Nov 2013 Posted by Admin in Media

The Wavegarden in Spain’s Basque Country has the surfing world frothing. This gem in northern Spain produces the longest, most perfect man-made wave on the planet. Australian pros, Bede Durbidge, Adam Melling and Nikki van Dijk came to check it out in a session with Surfing Australia Sport Science Manager Dr Jeremy…

Matt Banting in the Wavegarden

18 Nov 2013 Posted by Admin in Media

Australian Pro Junior surfer, Matt Banting, recently spent two weeks surfing through France and had a great session in the Wave Garden. Check out the video – great videography, slick edit and a cool tune.  

Tiger News – Inner City Surfing

11 Nov 2013 Posted by Admin in Media

Imagine surfing in the middle of North Dakota. Imagine riding waves thousands of feet above sea level. Imagine teaching kids to surf in the middle of a city. A company called Wavegarden, in the mountains of northern Spain, is trying to make this a reality, and, so far, they are doing a…

Mick, Gabe and Wilko at the Wavegarden

16 Oct 2013 Posted by Admin in Media

The Ripcurl mens team hit the Wavegarden this week. Matty Wilko donned his Obelix wetty, whilst Gabriel did a board swap mid-wave. Current world No. 1 and 2x world champion, Mick Fanning, just ripped the bag out of it.    

Surfing Added to the 2024 Olympics?

16 Oct 2013 Posted by Admin in Media

The International Surfing Association (ISA), led by its president, Fernando Aguerre, hosted an informational gathering at the Ritz Carlton on Monday in Laguna Niguel, California to discuss the business of getting surfing in the Olympic Games. And the solution, Aguerre says, is the Wavegarden. “Not just any wave pool, that wave pool,” To read more,…

Jordy hits the Wavegarden

06 Oct 2013 Posted by Admin in Media

Jordy Smith takes us on a backstage journey through France, reminisces on what might have been at Lowers, breaks down the title race and rips it up in the Wavegarden. Sit back and watch the big man wax lyrical on and off his board.

The Scotsman – Heaven for Surfers?

06 Sep 2013 Posted by Admin in Media

Today’s premier saltwater surf spots will still be ridden in the future – it’s just that the surfers of Generation Wavegarden will be pulling tricks on them that their Luddite ancestors couldn’t even imagine. Click here to read more.