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Developing surf parks throughout Australia using world leading Wavegarden® technology



Wave Park Group is aiming to revolutionise surfing participation in Australia with the development of world class surf parks around the country.

Surfing is an activity enjoyed by millions of Australians for its unrivalled excitement, relaxed lifestyle and health benefits. Surfing is also an iconic sport that is part of our heritage and national identity.

However surfing is currently limited to specific coastal locations, to daylight hours and requires suitable ocean conditions, making it often inconvenient to surf and difficult to learn.

The solution lies in  Wavegarden’s patented, world leading wave generator technology which allows high quality surf to be produced at any time, and in any location.

Wave Park Group holds exclusive rights to the development and operation of Wavegarden surf parks in Australia.


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Wavegarden wave generating technology is the result of ten years of intense R&D by highly qualified engineers specialising in mechanical systems, fluid dynamics and industrial and aeronautical engineering – and each  with a passion for surfing.

Wavegarden is the world’s longest man-made wave, and delivers ideal conditions for surfing, and other wave sports such as body boarding, body surfing, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding.

 The ground breaking technology is based on an innovative hydrodynamic wavefoil and a revolutionary wave lagoon design which creates two perfect barreling waves at the same time.

Wavegarden generates waves in a similar manner to an ocean wave. Water is moved over a surface that causes a wave to form and then fold on itself – just like a wave breaking over a reef or sand bar. The difference is that Wavegarden can regulate the size and speed of the wave at will, making it suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to expert surfers.

The state of the art Wavefoil generator has proven to be more reliable and to require significantly less energy than any existing wave generating technology. Robust design combined with high quality mechanically engineered components maximizes the lifetime of the system and reduces maintenance costs.

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  • Surf Snowdownia

    First Commercial Wavegarden to open by mid-2015

    Conwy Adventure Leisure (CAL) has signed a contract with Wavegarden to purchase the latest Wavegarden wave generator, paving the way for the first commercial Wavegarden facility to open to the public by mid-2015. The Surf Snowdownia Project is based in Wales and is currently awaiting final planning consent, with work expected...

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  • Jeff Hubbard

    World Champ Jeff Hubbard rides the Wavegarden

    Three time world bodyboarding champion, Jeff Hubbard, from Hawaii slid on by the other day to have a few waves in the Wavegarden. Check out a few of ‘El rollo’s', ’360′s’ and drop knee moves Jeff pulls in the...

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  • Taj and winners

    2014 Taj’s Small Fries Yallingup

    The ninth edition of Taj’s Small Fries wrapped up in sensational style on Sunday in Yallingup, Western Australia. Competitors revelled in the fun 2-3ft peaks on offer at Shallows and performances reached their peak as the stakes were raised. In the blue ribbon boys 16 & under division, Sunshine Coast goofy-footer...

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  • It’s a revolution

    – Pauline Ado, France

  • I had a really fun day at the Wavegarden

    – Taj Burrow, Australia

  • The Wavegarden feels amazing

    – Jeremy Flores, France

  • It is just incredible

    – Tyler Wright, Australia

  • It’s fun for everyone. If you don’t surf, you can learn to surf right here

    – Gabriel Medina, Brazil

  • The speed of the wave is perfect

    – Dane Reynolds, California

  • It was really, really cool. We had a blast

    – Lakey Peterson, California

  • It’s a great training tool.. you can really get your manoeuvres going

    – Bede Burbidge, Australia

  • The way surfing is going, I can’t see it going anywhere else (than in wave pools)

    – Adam Melling, Australia